Sustainable, comfortable, and timeless. Made from natural and recyclable materials, these sneakers embody quality over quantity. Discover your next pair of everyday shoes in different colors and styles.





  • Natural + recycled materials

  • Recyclable packaging (2-in-1 shipping + shoe box)

  • Leather + suede certified by Leather Working Group

    • 43% of products are 100% vegan​

  • Blue-sign certified dyes

  • Oeko-Tex & GOTS certified

  • Carbon neutral shipping

  • Transparency + traceability

  • Certify living wages and safe working conditions

  • Follow International Labor Organization guidelines 

  • Code of Conduct provided

  • Utilization of materials by using fiber runoffs.

  • *Recycling Program in development

  • Timeless design + continual innovation

  • Giving back through planting tress + reforestation

  • Numerous certifications

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