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The most iconic jeans that everyone can wear. Levi's has been stepping up their sustainability game by implementing initiatives to save water, go circular, be transparent, support worker well-being, and more. From outerwear to pants, Levi's has sustainable options for you.  





  • Use of natural materials such as hemp

  • Use of recycled fibers

  • Water<Less initiative to save water

  • Animal Welfare Policy

  • Committed to reducing carbon emissions 

  • Transparency

  • Certify worker well-being by addressing workers' needs.

  • *Supports the concept of a living wage, but does not certify

  • *No further information on factory certifications, though they do audit.

  • Diversity and Inclusion

  • Closed loop supply chain

    • Wellthread Collection

  • Levi's Secondhand Collection​

  • Involvement with outside organizations and NGOs.

  • Annual sustainability reporting

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