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Sustainable apparel that uplifts people and the planet. Outerknown, started by Kelly Slater, creates swimwear (and other apparel) for the better. With the understanding that there is no perfect sustainability, Outerknown is dedicated to transparency, recyclability, and the livelihood of others.





  • 100% of swim trunks are made from recycled/renewable fibers

  • 90% of fibers are organic, recyclable, or regenerated

  • First to launch Econyl®, fabric made out of fishing nets

  • Transparency

  • Suppliers follow strict guidelines via the Fair Labor Association (FLA)

  • Fair Trade

  • *Working towards developing circularity

  • Involvement with outside organizations or NGOs.

    • Advocacy programs​

  • Certifications

  • Reports on future sustainability goals for accountability

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