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Green Living Magazine

"Dive into Sustainability"
The weather is heating up, and whether or not we’re still stuck at home, summer is just around the corner. Swimwear will soon become our new closet staple—so let’s make it sustainable! Below are some of our favorite brands that don’t sacrifice ethics or eco-friendly practices for the sake of a summer swim.

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Change is Now Podcast

"Greenwashing with Sophia Toomb"

What is Greenwashing? Our host Stella is joined by Sophia Toomb to dive into the ways some brands are putting up the facade of being sustainable to dupe customers into buying MORE! We hear buzzwords like “conscious”, “ethically sourced”, and “natural” left and right! Do you know how to tell if a brand is actually taking action to be sustainable? This episode is full of questions you can ask, and resources that have done the work for you to find brands you can trust!

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Shop Revari Blog

"What you don’t know (might) hurt you… Let’s talk about transparency & traceability.
Sustainability—a word that has become more of a trend than a term that is understood. As environmentally and socially responsible practices have become imperative to the new consumer, brands have started using terms such as “sustainable, eco-friendly, and ethical” to describe new product or collection launches to help promote more “environmentally responsible initiatives” within their company. 

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ASU NOW Feature

"Disrupting the closet-to-landfill problem"

ASU students, faculty, alumni working on creating a more sustainable fashion industry

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