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7 sizes in 1. You Swim makes shopping for swimwear easy. With their flexible materials, they have created swimwear for every body; literally. Made locally in England, this swimwear will last you a lifetime, no matter how much (or how little) your body changes.





  • European-sourced nylon and elastane

    • *Does not currently use natural or recycled materials, however, the swimwear is built to shape/ stretch to every body type.

  • Recyclable packaging

  • *This company focus on durability and swimwear that will have a long lifecycle 

  • Woven, dyed, cut, and sewn locally in England

  • Ensure fair worker pay and safety

  • No sweatshops

  • Size inclusive (including for maternity!)

  • Utilization of materials

    • *You Swim creates timeless  swimwear that is long-lasting, durable,  and adaptable

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