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Fair Harbor Review

Fair Harbor is a sustainable beachwear brand that is dedicated to keeping our oceans clean. They minimize waste by using recycled water bottles in their production process—AND they tell you how many they use per garment! Their process is simple; collect plastic water bottles, shred them, melt and spin the material into yarn, weave, and voila: sustainable swimwear. You can even get $20 off your first purchase by clicking HERE!

The best part about Fair Harbor? Their anti-chafe boxer brief liner. I’m not a boy, but damn, that sounds way better than constricting mesh lining. Take a look for yourself:

So since I do not personally wear men’s swim trunks, I wanted to hear the opinion of someone who recently purchased from Fair Harbor:

I purchased these ahead of a long weekend in San Diego, and I was very happy with them. The comfortable, stretchy lining was a welcome replacement for mesh, and I felt comfortable the entire time; I didn’t have issues with chafing or any kind of discomfort. This suit was a perfect, stylish fit, and well worth the purchase. Unlike other companies I have purchased swimsuits from, it seems like Fair Harbor understands how to make ideal swimsuits for men. Will definitely be buying another pair. —Sam W.

Get $20 off your first order! Who said shopping sustainably couldn’t be affordable?

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