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Thrifting for the Anti-Thrifter

Back in September, we celebrated #SECONDHANDSEPTEMBER by highlighting friends in our community in their favorite secondhand fits. You all looked GREAT.

Shopping used is a great way to start shopping more sustainably. It’s cheaper, you’re giving clothes a second life, and more often than not, you can find pieces that suit your personal style. Now, the most sustainable option is to wear clothes you already have--but as fashion connoisseurs, we all like a little variety. Trends change and so do our closets. We know shopping from sustainable fashion brands are pricier than your fast-fashion options (because you’re paying for higher quality materials and labor), and it includes deeper research to ensure that the brands you purchase from are actually sustainable (H&M Conscious, we’re looking at you). Lucky for us, there is a plethora of used clothing looking for a happy and loving new home! Welcome to the wonderful world of thrifting.

Now thrifting is not for everyone, Goodwill can sometimes be more overwhelming than a Forever 21 on Black Friday and more often than not even your best shopper can come up empty handed. Lucky for us, the 21st century has brought the world of thrift shopping online, a more curated approach to your grandma’s Salvation Army runs. Apps like Depop and Poshmark are allowing consumers to recycle used garments and accessories as well as save clothing that may have just been discarded without thought. These apps also give the consumer an opportunity to purchase discontinued or unique clothing items without the hassle of bouncing from thrift store to thrift store, hopelessly sifting through racks.

Looking for a more hands on approach? Try your local vintage stores or boutique thrift shops. Buffalo Exchange as well as local vintage stores will use buyers to sift through all the excess for you, leaving their stores to be full of hidden treasures that you may not have been able to find elsewhere. These stores will cost you a little extra for their personal curation of goods, but it is well worth it when you aren’t caught at a party in the same outfit as someone else bought from your regular box stores.

Still prefer shopping from the comfort of your bed? Here are some of our favorite resale, rental and thrift markets to explore while never having to leave the house (it’s okay, stay in bed...we would too):

Even though October is upon us and #secondhandseptember is no longer, that doesn’t mean we should stop shopping used! Continue to tag us on Instagram @modaverdeus for the chance to be featured in your favorite secondhand/thrifted/vintage/upcycled/borrowed fits!

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