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Vitamin A brings beautiful, long-lasting swimwear and clothing that doesn't sacrifice style for sustainability. From recycled fabrics to fair trade artisans, Vitamin A swimwear gives you a supportive and dependable fit. Investing in this swimwear is investing in our planet!





  • Uses plant based materials and recycled nylon--EcoLux™

  • Oeko-Tex certified textiles

  • Biodegradable + recyclable packaging

  • Engineered digital prints to reduce water waste

  • HQ + warehouses follow strict environmental guidelines on energy usage

  • Transparency

  • Certify living wages + fair working conditions to garment workers

  • *No Code of Conduct included

  • Manufacture locally in CA + oversees with fair trade artisans

  • Factory audits

  • Partnership with 1% for the Planet

  • Donate a portion of sales to environmental organizations

  • *No indication of recyclable properties or introduction to circularity

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